A Mixed Bag: July 7th Garden

The last week has seen more planting for the wedding, more growth, more rain and a fair bit of sunshine. Temperatures remain in the low 20s for the most part but we are promised a cone of warmer air coming upwards from the Azores where it is currently offering Spain some 40 plus temperatures. By the time it reaches us it should be high 20s. I can cope with that as can the garden. No more please!

I created a mobile tomato trolley from an old crate that held some stone being used on a neighbours refurbishment. I added for large casters, lined it with unused pond liner from our experiments in pond making back in 2014/5. This can be wheeled to where the sun is best and when the wedding comes to us can be hidden away. Hopefully it works as planned.

Otherwise, while most people see the garden and a fair bit of colour, to us it looks various shades of green.

The lawn looks okay, mind…

It will come back; we will have colour for these blasted nuptials…

Won’t we Dog?

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35 Responses to A Mixed Bag: July 7th Garden

  1. Garden guardian… DOG! He shall attract color, no worries. Love the idea of the tomato trolley.


  2. trifflepudling says:

    It will be a riot of colour, you’ll see.
    The tomato trolley should be patented. It could also be useful as a sort of therapy thing in care homes, I think.

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  3. A tomato trolley–that’s brilliant!

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    That tomato trolley is a great idea, you could do the same with the colour you crave couldn’t you. Dog is looking good.💜

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  5. LucciaGray says:

    Your garden’s looking great! 40°+ in Spain where I live is far too hot!

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  6. If you mount an arm chair in the mobile planter you can use it in your dotage and have the kids wheel you round!

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  7. Love the tomato trolley – brilliant! Here’s hoping some lovely weather comes your way and nothing beastly. 🙂

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  8. Your garden is lovely. The tomato trolly is genius. I take it you gave up on the pond. I had one and loved it.

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  9. petespringerauthor says:

    Everything looks great! How soon is the wedding?

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  10. Wow! Thats looks wonderful. Congratulations! British dogs appear to be conditioned to take control of the garden. Lol I had seen it on John’s Twiggy and Lucy before. 😉 Have a beautiful weekend! xx Michael

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  11. George says:

    There’s already a magnificent array of colour, and plenty more to come by the looks of it.

    I love the tomato trolley—it displays the kind of inventiveness with what’s at hand that would have made Geoff Hamilton proud. Though, when you say it can be wheeled to where the sun is, you don’t mean the Azores?

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  12. You are a great dad, Geoff, to go to so much trouble over getting the garden right for the nuptials. Surely they must be soon now.

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    • TanGental says:

      August 27th. Due to covid confusion, my daughter has prevailed on us to let her have the house this weekend for the hen do. Of course I said yes and then saw Linda’s wince. Mylo and I are off to our place in Suffolk. He’s too sensitive a pup to be anywhere Nearby!

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  13. Jennie says:

    The tomato trolley is brilliant. The garden is beautiful. Do you mow? If so, your lines are straight and perfectly crossed.

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