The Garden: Autumn Works, Part 3 #garden

for anyone who is tangentially interested in the progress of the garden works, but has really just clicked for a few piccies of Dog, scroll to the end. If you must…

This feels like a combination of the Ardennes, the Battle of the Bulge and…. oh, all sorts of wartime analogies with big pushes and… heck, I know, it’s just my garden.

The last few days have been very busy and, right now, sitting at my table with a back that feels a trifle dirigible, it’s been good to get so much done.

You may recall we have a wedding next year and, even though it’s just under a year away, the planning has begun.

We have begun to extend the hardstanding with the removal of one long flower bed, from this…

to this, as of this afternoon.

The soil is too good to waste so I’m decanting it. Currently a lot has gone into old building material one tonne sacks

but that has turned out to be something of a pyrrhic victory, in that we have builders in who are repointing and where necessary relaying our existing york stone terracing, like this…

but unfortunatley the sacks of decanted soil are sitting on the self same terracing that will need to be repointed, so muggins will have to move it.

That though is for another day because we – that’s me and the Lad, our gardener – have been prepping the lawns for the new year. This ‘prepping’ is a two stage process. Now and in April.

Hopefully my bรชte noire, the upper lawn will go from this

to something a lot better. Maybe even this…

That was last August (as in 2019), the last wedding and, boy was that some effort.

To do that, each stage is broken into phases.

First we mow.

Then we scarify – basically rip out the long thatch that all lawns build up and which stops air and light and water getting to the root system thereby stunting growth. It leaves the lawn looking shredded,

though I think I rather nailed this part

and after a second mow it is not looking too bad.

Hmm… anyway, before that second mow, it has to be aerated with a machine of devilish propensities.

As this video shows, even if you hold it correctly you end up looking as if you’ve been attached to a mobile zimmer frame.

All this is the precursor to the really hard work, which took place today. The spreading of four tonnes of top soil across two of the lawns, followed by raking and then seeding.

We got as far as the top lawn – done, and the lower lawn – top soil spread but it needs raking and seeding which is for tomorrow morning.

The front lawn which has been prepped is going to have to wait as we ran out of soil. I really thought the four tonnes would be enough but we want a thick covering and it’s easy enough to get another sack.

Meanwhile the builders have been working hard on the terracing…

And there is still a lot of colour…

And while Dog had to stay indoors because of all the equipment and the sticky black soil, he was out at the weekend and after the machines were put away to pose for his adoring public…

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28 Responses to The Garden: Autumn Works, Part 3 #garden

  1. That is an amazingly realistic looking scarecrow you have in the sunflowers. I’ll tell you Geoff if I had to do this kind of work for a lawn you can bet there would be green concrete in its place. I will give it to you though. It sure looks good in the summer.

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  2. Mary Smith says:

    I’m sure it will look fabulous by the date of the wedding but it seems pretty exhausting right now. Me – I managed to plant some crocus bulbs today – though I mixed up the bags and forgot which colours were going where – so it will be a nice surprise in spring ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely to see Dog, of course.

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  3. Darlene says:

    Those sunflowers are amazing! Of course, Dog stole the show again. He will look great at the wedding. Maybe he can be the ring bearer.

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    Ah! Dog as ever is wonderful….. Mind you I did enjoy the videos! What has happened to the lad’s leg looks like he has a plaster on!

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  5. JT Twissel says:

    Must have been hard to take out that flower bed! I would have cried!

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  6. I always love your garden tours but this is magnificent. The colors on those flowers at the end are lovely. You’ve always put so much work into your lawn/garden. My fav picture has to be you with those sunflowers, though. (Sorry, Dog, you’re cute, too.) ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, my friend. Hope you’re well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TanGental says:

      Well, in spite of the digging I’m pretty chipper, thank you. The garden does act as balm on those days when madness seems to stalk every corner and I’m still writing and cooking too so can’t complain.

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  7. Suzanne says:

    This post the flowers outshone muttley and I didn’t stroll to the end, I viewed each photo with interest, well okay maybe a few I quickly strolled passed.

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  8. Lovely pics of sunflowers, dog and endless lawn Geoff! That reminds me I must do some work in the garden…

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  9. Quite amazing, Geoff. And that’s just Dog

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  10. Norah says:

    Love those sunflowers! And all the other pretties in your garden. That lawn looks like a lot of hard work, though. It’s worth it for us to enjoy. Thanks.

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  11. Lesley says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of hard work! Now, where’s the pics of doggy? ๐Ÿ˜€

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  12. Jennie says:

    Wow! Plenty of hard work, and beautiful flowers.

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