The History Of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales often stem from real life. Jack and his bean stalk, for instance, has its roots in the battle between Prince Savipattugak and his brother, Giantanaparan.  ‘Gak’ raised an army to defeat Giantanaparan’s forces but the cost was borne by the rice farmers. Gak hid his forces in the enormous Periteri forest, planning to surprise Giantanaparan from above. But the disgruntled farmers gave away the strategy. Giantanaparan had his men threaten to axe each hiding place until surrender. However, Gak refused to descend calling on Giantanaparan to climb and fight. He accepted the challenge but they both fell to their deaths.

One enormous Periteri came to represent both courage and sibling folly. Many adherents visited; vendors, pandering to the trade built shops and lodges around its base. Nowadays the buildings are ruins; no one visits and instead we remember Gak and Giant and their tale of greed and hubris.  

This story is written in response to a prompt from Di at Pensivity101. She is a voracious writer of poems and prose and you really should visit if you don’t already. The prompt uses this image and these rules

The challenge is to write a piece of historical fiction about it. There’s a

• 150 word limit

• Try not to use the words tree & green

There is also this request to tag others. You know who you are without me saying…

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  1. Thanks for tking up the challenge Geoff. Good as always!

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  2. Ritu says:

    I love this, especially as we are using Jack and the Beanstalk as our story in Nursery this week!

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  3. And what of the singing harp?

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  4. You hit that mark perfectly! Most enjoyable 🙂

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  5. willowdot21 says:

    Excellent Geoff 💜

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  6. JT Twissel says:

    Wonderfully twisted just like the tree’s roots!

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