The Re-Cycle Of Life

A couple of years ago, we decided to use up some old bits and bobs to make a bug home in our garden. The first buggery appeared shortly after and now we have four residential bug-blocks and a host of small sub-buglets.

The thing is that when you start out with this whole re/up-cycling schermozzle you cant stop. Which meant that, when our current two compost bins began to collapse we began a hunt for bits and bobs to replace them.

We asked our neighbours for old pallets we saw stacked in their garden waiting to go to the dump. We took some old doors from the Lawyers flat and we kept back the pond liner I rather stupidly tore when the first attempt to make a pond fell apart a few years ago.

The result is a rather splendid run of new compost bins – we now have four – and a corner shelter for the spades and larger tools.

Iโ€™m knackered but rather pleased.

And here a few pics from the green shoots of spring that are beginning to peek out in our garden. Things must be improving as Vicky, the family tortoise, is making her annual bid for freedom from her hibernation box.

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49 Responses to The Re-Cycle Of Life

  1. Lovely! We are currently using a Hippo bag for a compost bin, and the Man Closet now has a mate in the shape of a Man Chest which was reduced to less than half price. Rakes and brooms still don’t fit, but Hubby may improvise with a makeshift ‘tallboy’ in the corner.

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  2. Great constructions and encouraging signs

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  3. Mary Smith says:

    Love the bug village. Looking at your pics I can see everything is so much further on with you than up here.

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  4. Janet Gogerty says:

    Love the bug blocks – my insect hotel is a pile of branches twixt fence and shed.


  5. Lucy Brazier says:

    I’m glad that pond lining gets a new lease of life!

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  6. davidprosser says:

    OMG, your back garden is big enough to contain Easter Island? And it’s nearly Good Friday too.

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  7. We’ve moved our composters to a safe distance, they were attracting visitors. Thanks for reminding me that we ought to plant some flowering currantโ€”I miss it. Oh, and I think I ought to point out that the correct expression for low density buggery development is the bugalow.

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  8. Akkk! Umm Geoff… Buggery does not mean bug hotel over here… o_O.
    Anyway, I wasn’t familiar with bug houses — they’re a very cool idea. I can see why you’re having fun with it. Hugs!


    • TanGental says:

      neither does it here – just a sort of rather feeble joke – and my spam filter decided to sneak yours into quarantine so that’ll teach me!!


  9. willowdot21 says:

    Looking good as usual ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ


  10. Love the variety of bug dwellings – you’ve created a veritable bug village. You just need to put some signage up with suitable names…. I noted the Easter Island head peeking through the hellebores – it looks fabulous. Happy Easter and Spring!!
    PS I’ll be posting a LightCatcher your way straight after Easter.

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  11. Anabel Marsh says:

    Sheds new light on telling someone to get to buggery. Which Iโ€™m sure a gent like you never does of course.


  12. Looks like a lovely place for both bugs and humans! I miss not having a gardening space – one of the downsides of city life!

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  13. Mick Canning says:

    Go Vicky, Quick! They’re not looking! Over the wall!

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