Snow Doubt About It

There are days when getting outside for a walk is a struggle.  Too many jobs to do, that awkward call to make, the badly scheduled appointment. And then there’s snow.

We don’t get a lot of snow in South London. The mini ice age that Dickens described is long gone. Climate change may be a factor but I’ve lived in London since the 70s and we’ve not had managed extended periods of snow in those near 40 years.

The odd blast, the inevitable disruption because it makes no sense to prepare for artic weather if you only get some on a couple of days every third year, but nothing significant.

Which is the reason why, when it comes, all those tasks, appointments and calls go straight where they deserve… to pending. My inner age has always hovered around the late teens and early twenties but add snow to the mix and my aggregate years become my mind-age (if the years are weighing heavy and the ‘it’s just a number’ mantra doesn’t cut it then do what I do: take the individual numbers that make up your birth age, add them together and that’s your mind-age; for me that’s 6+1=7).

Any seven year old worh knowing loves snow, wants to be out in it, loving the crisp air, the deadened silences and the sheer bloody marvel that the world is transformed by frozen duck-down.

The parks are oddly empty, a few hardy footballers apart, the cafes steaming and fuggy-happy and the squelchy pavements a small price to pay. Dog got to wear his woolly coat and all was right with the world…

About TanGental

My name is Geoff Le Pard. Once I was a lawyer; now I am a writer. I've published several books: a four book series following Harry Spittle as he grows from hapless student to hapless partner in a London law firm; four others in different genres; a book of poetry; four anthologies of short fiction; and a memoir of my mother. I have several more in the pipeline. I have been blogging regularly since 2014, on topic as diverse as: poetry based on famous poems; memories from my life; my garden; my dog; a whole variety of short fiction; my attempts at baking and food; travel and the consequent disasters; theatre, film and book reviews; and the occasional thought piece. Mostly it is whatever takes my fancy. I avoid politics, mostly, and religion, always. I don't mean to upset anyone but if I do, well, sorry and I suggest you go elsewhere. These are my thoughts and no one else is to blame. If you want to nab anything I post, please acknowledge where it came from.
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31 Responses to Snow Doubt About It

  1. Dog doesn’t look too impressed, but I’m glad he has a little jacket like Maggie. Keep warm.


  2. Everywhere was an ice-rink this morning – I watched a whole bunch of people involuntarily auditioning for the next season of Dancing on Ice on their way to work… I was really pleased earlier this year with the snow as it always makes everything so pretty, but it can bog off now…

    Dog looks very handsome in his coat though!


  3. noelleg44 says:

    Goodness, I’m right there with you. We got one eight inch snow fall about two months ago, then a good dusting, and maybe another one this week. March is always full of surprises in the South.
    Looks like you had a great time…handsome coat on that dog there.


  4. davidprosser says:

    Beggar the badly scheduled appointment, you have a long standing appointment in the park…..with snow.
    Hugs Geoff.


  5. Erika Kind says:

    Winter is obstinate this year! I am really done with it, most of all since we already smelled spring and had wonderful warm weather.


  6. Love the photographs and Dog does look rather dapper in his new coat!


  7. Doesn’t everything look much prettier with a dusting of snow? Dog is looking good in his coat! 🙂


  8. willowdot21 says:

    Dear dog does not look as exciting about the weather as you sound! Our Ruby loves it and is out in the white stuff ( which we have had an awful lot of and still have quite a bit! ) Me I enjoy it as long as I don’t have to drive .💜💜 lovely photos,great post.


  9. I think the snow looks amazing and fun, Geoff. Our winter day time temperatures are about 23 degrees Celsius on average so snow is just an idea here.


  10. Ritu says:

    Much as I love it… it can do one now!


  11. You know it’s cold when a mans dog has a coat on! It snowed massively back in 91 I think it was and school closed down for a couple or three days and my car disappeared beneath the fall and drift – it was so beautiful, I can never forget it! The trains famously stopped running because it was the ‘wrong kind of snow’. Do you remember that event?


    • TanGental says:

      Yes, the snow was too fine or wet or something; one of British Rail’s top three excuses, up there with the train has flu and there are badgers nesting in the signal box…


  12. We have so much snow in Maine, Geoff, I don’t know if it will ever melt. And when it does we will have a bumper crop of mud. Your snow is lovely and it seems like an oddity. The advantage of not having it very often is it gives you some down time. We have way too many plow trucks here. Not nearly enough ‘snowbound’ days. – Molly


  13. JT Twissel says:

    We’ve gotten a lot of hail this year which is most unusual. If it snowed in San Francisco it would shut the city down – too many steep hills!


  14. restlessjo says:

    I had a superb snowy walk beside the river at Chester-le-Street at the weekend, Geoff. 🙂 🙂 Doubt it’ll get posted because allegedly it’s Spring this weekend, isn’t it?


  15. How could you drag poor Dog out? Otherwise a beautiful post. I think it was ’63 when we had snow and icebound pitches for the first three months of the year when I was Treasurer of the rugby club and didn’t have to bully captains for the subs from 5 teams.


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  17. Eunice says:

    Love the snow photos and Dog looks so cute with his coat on, although the looks on his face says he wasn’t too impressed 🙂


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