s’not fair #writephoto #flashfiction

Sue’s prompt at #writephoto this week is

S’not fair

Paul and Pauline, twins and competitors in life looked at the fields across from their new home on Ithaca and sighed.



‘Nothing to do.’


A voice from the kitchen called, ‘If you don’t want me to find a chore for you both, I suggest you go and explore. Do not mope.’

They didn’t need any more encouragement.



‘Race you!’


The laughter followed as first Paul then Pauline led through paths and bridleways, over stiles and under gates. As the siblings hurtled round the corner, each straining to get ahead, neither saw the short drop. Both lost their footing and rolled and tumbled through the long grass before ending in a breathless tangle of arms and legs.

‘What’s that?’


‘A giant Viking’s helmet?’

‘Let’s go in.’

‘I don’t know…’


‘Race you.’

Paul took the left opening, Pauline the right.

‘The floor’s all sticky.’

‘There’s branches coming out of everywhere.’

What’s that rumble?’

‘Did you feel that draught?’


Atlas began to wake from his doze. How long had he been out? Only a few eons. Something tickled his nose. He wrinkled it but he knew the sneeze was coming. Best let it go; no point trying to hold it back. Even gods can rupture. He flicked some moss away where it had grown since he’d lain down and twitched.


‘It’s a volcano!’

‘An earthquake!!’

‘A Tsunami!!!’


Paul and Pauline shot back through the air some two miles before landing in a field. They were old enough to know it would hurt when they landed but in fact they did not hit so much as sink.

‘What is it?’



They wiped their faces free of the goo and cleared their noses. The colour, the consistency and the taste told them what they needed to know. As one, they said, not hiding their disgust, ‘Snot.’


About TanGental

My name is Geoff Le Pard. Once I was a lawyer; now I am a writer. I've published four books - Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle, My Father and Other Liars, Salisbury Square and Buster & Moo. In addition I have published two anthologies of short stories, Life, in a Grain of Sand and Life in a Flash. More will appear soon, including a memoir of my mother's last years. I will try and continue to blog regularly at geofflepard.com about whatever takes my fancy. I hope it does yours too. These are my thoughts and no one else is to blame. If you want to nab anything I post, please acknowledge where it came from.
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43 Responses to s’not fair #writephoto #flashfiction

  1. Liked this. I liked the ending and the dialogue. V clever.

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  2. Ah yuk! Nothing a hot bath won’t cure, I suppose.

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  3. Sue Vincent says:

    Dreadful, Geoff 😀

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  4. Ritu says:

    Oh brilliant! I loved this!!!

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  5. I looked and looked at the picture before I began reading. (I’m on a mission to guess where you might go with these stories) I saw nothing until I went back at the end of the tale. How did I not see that at the first look? I so want some of your imagination! 🙂

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  6. barbtaub says:

    Eeeeeew! (But funny. )

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  7. I can’t get here often enough but this was hilarious. Laughed out loud. I’m with Pauline. I would like some of your imagination. Priceless.

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  8. Brilliant and hilarious


  9. Bernadette says:

    Hysterical and boy do I remember that threat if I dared to say I was bored.

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  10. HAHA! Oh I do love those gods!! This is just perfect Geoff, and your inner child is definitely coming through here! (What is it with boys and snot)? I remember my brother and his friends hawking up huge globs of gob then shoooting through their nostrils! 🤢🤢🤢

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  11. Eew… You’re wicked gross. (Fun story, though.)

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  12. willowdot21 says:

    Another good, that Atlas!💜💟💝

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  13. Charli Mills says:

    Ha, ha! I like the implication the twins knew it by taste! Add to the ewww-ness. Your gods-mess-with-mortals stories are fun to read. Great staccato dialog, too.

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  15. This is sheer brilliance!

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  16. Ha ha ha. This is great. What a creative take on the prompt!

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