Moth eaten too

As you’ll know the stage before the moth itself is the chrysalis. The Lawyer acquired some last autumn, to see what emerged this year. He kept them in a  cool place over winter and now’s the time to ready for the moth’s appearance. Ideally you need somewhere where the newly emerged imago can climb and dry its wings before it is ready to fly. And since one cannot watch then all the time and there is this habit of flying away it is good to have somewhere for climbing but netted so we can see and photograph the beauties before sending them on their way.

Since the lawyer is working abroad just now guess who is charged with the task of setting this up. Anyway this is what we did…

first the chrysalis are taken from their box

then we half fill a pot with soil and make a frame for some netting.

next we place the chrysalis on the soil

some of the cotton wool in which the sat over winter stick to them

and finally we tie on the net… lots of twigs to climb up too

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19 Responses to Moth eaten too

  1. gordon759 says:

    And when the female Emperors emerge I trust you will try assembling.

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  2. Erika Kind says:

    Wow, this is really cool, Geoffle! I hope you keep us posted about the development!

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  3. I had no idea you could handle chrysalis like this – amazing! I used to encourage Monarchs in my garden – providing many swan plants for the edible delight of the caterpillars and later for the hanging of the chrysalis. I kept them in pots so the little shrubs with their inhabitants could be moved about as required. When I was teaching the young ‘uns it was a living nature lesson and we kept watch over the process in the classroom. It was a lot of work, but such a wonderful process to observe. I shall enjoy to keep watch with you as your moths progress – though I have no idea what your brother is referring to – do fill us in on that too ……..

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  4. trifflepudling says:

    Have come across these in the garden but never observed what happens as they look a bit off-putting(!). But this was fascinating, thanks! Look forward to their transformation and emergence 🙂
    Saw some lovely butterflies on a walk this weekend, but they were not rare ones.

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  5. Norah says:

    Fascinating. I look forward to seeing what emerges from your chrysalises. Like Pauline, having butterflies in the classroom was one of my favourite things. I do miss the experience. Grandson brought a pet mealworm home from school today. That will be interesting too.

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  6. SickChristine says:

    That is so cool! Of course, now all I can think of is Silence of the Lambs. You’re not a serial killer, are you? Hahaha.

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  7. Charli Mills says:

    Fascinating production!

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  8. I look forward to seeing how they come along 🙂

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