So you want a dog, do you?

One year ago I wrote about the start of our canine love affair. As it is 4 years, nearly to the day since Dog appeared in our lives I thought I retell the story of how it all started way back in the early noughties.

I’ve written recently about interviewing and being interviewed, in connection with a job but the most tortuous interview process I’ve been through involved our first toe-dipping into th…

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16 Responses to So you want a dog, do you?

  1. Ritu says:

    I remember the original post… 🐶

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  2. Allie P. says:

    We just celebrated our first anniversary with Her Royal Highness as well. I loved this post then and I still love it now.

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  3. I remember the initial post, but I read it through again, enjoying it just as much the second time 🙂

    I must tell you that Sid is now a registered visitor to the local aged home we walk past every day and I watch with my mouth slightly open as he bustles about knowing who to speak to, who to avoid and exactly how to behave. Everyone smiles now when they see him coming – even the haters have warmed somewhat. I look at my little dog and think what an absolute bringer of joy he is – my four legged laughing Buddha!

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  4. I loved this story and hope for the continued happiness of both the dog and your family. I miss a dog but at this stage of life it’s best to get my fuzzy loving from others pets. It does have to be all about the dog. Not everyone gets that.

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  5. I must first say that I’m so envious that you have a vet in the family. What a great story though. We have a new puppy that we brought home a couple of weeks before Christmas, who is keeping us and our cats very busy! Thankfully, everyone seems to be getting along very well, although one cat has no problem putting the puppy in his place when he gets a little too obnoxious.

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  6. Lovely piece and beautiful dogs.

    I am currently contemplating dog number 3. I am foolish, particularly after dog number 1 helped himself to my baked potato last night.

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  7. Charli Mills says:

    Still love this post!

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