Facing the Future #prompt #Mondaymotivations

Esther Newton has given us a prompt for a flash fiction piece.

Write a flash fiction piece of between 50-250 words with the following line in it somewhere:

He didn’t want to turn around; he knew just what he’d see and he could face anything but that.


Facing his future

Herbie Hine knew one thing for sure. He was ugly. And not just a bit. Utterly repugnant. He knew, from as early as he could remember, that people would  draw away from him, like they were scared of the monster they were seeing. He avoided mirrors and reflecting glass and preferred the dark, when he could pretend no one could see his horribly deformed face.

Life was awful and mostly Herbie found himself alone and miserable.

Until last Thursday. As usual he had stayed indoors, hiding and only when the night had fallen and the last residents of Decent, Illinois had shut their doors did he venture out to the park.

‘Who are you?’

The voice was female, husky and Herbie wanted to run.

‘Here. Sit.’ It was the sort of voice that expected to be obeyed.

She was gorgeous; in the filtered light of the moon he could see her perfect skin, raven hair and saucer-shaped eyes.

‘Why won’t you look at me?’

She sounded kind, drawing him in.

‘I’ll frighten you. Even hates looking at me.’

‘Of course they do.’

Herbie was stunned. Only cruel little kids called him out on his looks. ‘You think I’m ugly?’

The woman fumbled in her bag, and offered him a mirror.

He didn’t want to turn around; he knew just what he’d see and he could face anything but that.

‘Look at yourself.’

Reluctantly Herbie obeyed. He peered. He stared. He gawped. ‘But,’ he stuttered, ‘there’s nothing there.’

The woman patted his leg. ‘Of course. You’re a bloody vampire. I’m sure a few people find you unattractive but mostly they’re shit-scared you’ll bite them in the neck. Now, would you like some soup?’ She held out a flask. ‘O positive. But be quick before it scabs.’

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17 Responses to Facing the Future #prompt #Mondaymotivations

  1. Miriam says:

    Oh bravo! This was brilliant. I really enjoyed it.

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  2. rogershipp says:

    Great twist… I was not expecting that one at all. I was going for the ‘blind’ person….

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  3. Terrific post. Didn’t see that end coming!

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  4. esthernewton says:

    A super twist! Very clever. Thanks for this, Geoff. Great story.

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  5. Nope, didn’t see that coming at all! 🙂

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  6. Love it. Love it. Perfect for October or anytime. Delicious. Hahaha.

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  7. Norah says:

    Ha! Nice twist. Love it!

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  9. Ha! Decent, Illinois. Brilliant. I must say, I didn’t see that twist, either. Great story.

    So… How is she pretty? Can he shift and just doesn’t know? Or is she a human who likes to hang with vampires? 😈

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