Capital Ring: Tooting to Earlsfield

The Capital Ring is a strategic walking route that completely encircles inner and central London. It is approximately 78 miles long and cuts trough as many green spaces as is possible.

2015-09-18 14.51.10

Part two of my walk along the Capital Ring and Dog and I left Tooting towards Wandsworth via Balham High Street. The route takes you alongside Du Cane Court, a 1930s residential block and when I was looking to buy my first flat in 1982 these were the cheapest you could buy in this part of London.

2015-09-18 15.02.39

The Art Deco style, the antiquated décor generally held the price down. Now they are very sought after and the price, around £21,000 in 1982 for 2 bedrooms is pushing towards £500,000. Ridiculous.

2015-09-18 15.01.40

Beyond the High Road we walked among a bevy of  small children as school was just coming out. The children were delightful, the huge pantechnicons the carers drive less so.

2015-09-18 15.09.14

Once the high pitched squealing faded into the background as so much hiss on my stereo of old we skirted through a small green triangle and reached Wandsworth station. A little pond life created interesting reflections at which we paused and shared an energy bar. In truth Dog was far from impressed.

2015-09-18 15.20.12

2015-09-18 15.20.00

There’s a distinct air of affluence now – the parks are full of state of the art buggies that seem to be as large as the huge cars we’ve just left behind; the dogs are bigger with their pedigrees proudly displayed in their studded collars; even the bins overflow with a manicured elegance. I’m out of my London comfort zone here; I need graffiti and grubbiness, shabby not chic.

2015-09-18 15.23.52

Dog and I scurry onwards and soon enough we cross the road, leaving bespoke conservatories behind and in front the looming brooding presence of Wandsworth prison.

2015-09-18 15.35.54

The parked cars have blacked out windows, the women pushing cheap buggies wear their orange hues with deliberate pride. Somehow this is more my town.

2015-09-18 15.43.36

Round a few streets and past the Cemetery we are nearly at our end.

2015-09-18 15.54.24

The River Wandle, now reed strewn and full of fish, wanders between the terraced houses and, before we head for Earlsfield Station, the Polish student in the cafe next door serves me a fabulous if unpronounceable cake. Unlike the muesli bar, Dog approves.

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27 Responses to Capital Ring: Tooting to Earlsfield

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Nice to see a bit of the real London, Geoff… the one people live in and love.

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  2. jan says:

    Lovely pictures – I particularly love the reflection of the clouds in the water!

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  3. Meredith says:

    Reblogged this on Meredith's Musings and commented:
    Another walk, this one with Geoff LePard.

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  4. I enjoyed that walk around London. I too loved the photo of the clouds reflected in the water.

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    • TanGental says:

      One of those lucky shots that I never realised I’d taken until I got home! And more of the walks to come – glad you are enjoying it.


  5. Charli Mills says:

    Always enjoy these jaunts with you and dog. Pedigrees on collars? Too funny! Out here in Nevada, though, these ranchers know the bloodlines of their bulls and cows although the surrounding are far dryer and more humble.

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    • TanGental says:

      If you get to Reno wave to Autism mom for me. Long time since I was in Nevada. How’s the heat? And I’m so glad you enjoy my urban jollies. There are times when I smile madly at the God of little things that throws up surprise at each turn and others when I long for the uninterrupted enjoyment of repetitive landscapes.


  6. noelleg44 says:

    Another enjoyable, leisurely walkabout with you and Dog. Do include a photo of Dog from time to time! That photo of the clouds reflected in the water was spectacular!

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  7. Jools says:

    Beautiful pictures, Geoffle – I always enjoy your walks. I look forward to you getting round to the western side of that ring, to see what you pick out for your readers.

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  8. Great walk Geoff. Love that Art Deco block mind. Looks beautiful.

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  9. vivachange77 says:

    I love the pictures. England has a permanent place in my heart though I haven’t spent much time in London except at Heathrow.


  10. Your turn to take me down memory lane

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  11. Autism Mom says:

    I love the photo of the cemetery framed by the thorny branches – evocative!

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  12. restlessjo says:

    Seems like a sensible, Dog. I thought it was the view he was unimpressed with, but any self respecting hound would opt for Polish cake. 🙂 Thanks for the stroll, Geoff.


  13. Helen Jones says:

    Another interesting segment of your walk 🙂 I’m really enjoying these, Geoff!

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