Historical Reconstructions – Cameras without photography

Sometimes it is good to go back to see how it was done; revisit the 19th Century and the Camera Obscura reconstructed by the Archaeologist here. Oh and if you want an example of the Artist’s work, he did the cover for my book, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle to your right now!

The Curious Archaeologist

Before there were photographs there were cameras, indeed the word camera means a small room, hence evidence herald in camera. However the cameras I am going to discuss are the direct ancestors of the photographic camera, the Camera Obscura and the Camera Lucida. As people who have read my blog will guess, to understand how they worked I decided to build copies. Both cameras were designed as drawing aids, to help a person unskilled in the art of drawing to draw a view or portrait.

The Camera Obscura.

I had long known the principle of this device, an image is projected from below onto a piece of thin paper, by means of lenses and mirrors. I began with a lens I happened to have lying around in my desk draw, and a pocket mirror picked up for a few pence in a charity shop. I began by getting the…

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