Son of the Hole

Back in the summer 2014 I posted about the latest addition to our family – a Pond. But that optimism evaporated (unlike the rainwater) and by October this was my post. We had had enough. Repairs could and should wait. In any event we already knew we needed to do some extra construction work around the outside. And that I how we reached Easter. We collected bits of wood, and stone, we rebuilt the back bank with layers of turf and most importantly we bought an extra thick liner so the slate problem should no longer concern us (the slate? Read the second post above ; I guarantee you will weep – that said, if you want a giggle have a look a the ice bucket challenge in the hole in link one, and also in link one, see the video of me attacked by Dog).

So here we go; the Return of the Pond…

2015-04-06 11.11.03

This how we left it – the water is purely rain and the drop is from the leak – slow, sure, but very certain. You can see the new back bank held in place by stones

2015-04-06 13.45.32

In goes the pump

And here’s the first for Hugh – the Pond Specialist…

2015-04-06 14.11.05

Those damned slates are still necessary – they stop foxes eating the liner!

2015-04-06 14.10.22

And that’s a real hosepipe people…

This video doesn’t exist
2015-04-06 14.11.33


2015-04-06 14.31.35

The liner went and, end of day one, we had a skeleton pond

2015-04-06 14.39.13

Dog is charge.

Day two, the pond edge needs levelling after rebuilding

Day two, the pond edge needs levelling after rebuilding

All the materials for the edging is ready - now for a dry run

All the materials for the edging is ready – now for a dry run

Hmm, is that the best mix? Let's ask the Textiliste

Hmm, is that the best mix? Let’s ask the Textiliste

And the Lawyer is now back involved

And the Lawyer is now back involved

So that’s day two done; tomorrow… well… Day three is always important!

So Day Three

2015-04-08 10.31.25

The edges needed setting out, a final dry one

2015-04-08 12.07.07

We marked each rock and log to make sure they went back in the right spot

2015-04-08 12.07.53

We took all the pieces away and prepared the ground for the new liner.

2015-04-08 12.08.00

Second picture Hugh – happy Pond Specialist…

2015-04-08 14.56.47

re-lined with sand and ready for the new liner

2015-04-08 16.01.03

In it goes and we start filling

2015-04-08 16.16.23

The water we pumped out we saved and then returned; soooo green

2015-04-08 18.36.06

End of day three and the bridge is in and the pond full; now I’m off for a meal with friends while these two clean up. The rocks and logs around the edge will go in tomorrow

2015-04-09 08.48.45

Here’s the edging… it’s complicated…

2015-04-09 10.57.54

… so we needed the Textiliste.

And they we have it. Now all we need is a few tenants bring on the frogs and toads…

2015-04-09 16.50.35

See the pipe to allow the amphibians an easy in and out route…

2015-04-09 16.50.54

And there we have it. No leaks, no more digging and we are pretty bloody pleased.

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18 Responses to Son of the Hole

  1. I’m envious. (Of the pond, not the work.) It’s gorgeous.

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  2. Charli Mills says:

    Love your pond!!! The textures of the edging is fabulous. What a grand bit of work to get it all done. Congratulations on your new hole in the yard!

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  3. njmagas says:

    That’s a cute pond! Unique too! I’ve never seen one done up like that. Looks like a lot of work though. I’m not sure I could do it. I’d get finished digging the hole and then think of all the other, extra work I’d have to do and I would think, “Mm. Good home for my enemies.” and leave it as it is.

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  4. roweeee says:

    Freddie gives his whole hearted approval and is on his way. Thought he might travel Qantas as the seas are a bit rough for his lilly pad and the outboard wouldn’t cope.
    I have really enjoyed your pond saga, even if you have found it rather hellish and incredible hard work.
    I am currently trying to motivate myself to get moving. The kids are at my parents’ place and I vowed to pack the day with all sorts of adventures driving from Palm Beach to Whale Beach and exploring the Indy bookshop in Avalon etc. However, I am feeling rather comatosed and the weather isn’t much chop. Could almost fall asleep in the chair but will get myself moving and on with the day. It’s almost 2.00PM.
    PS for those who haven’t met Freddie, he is an Australian Green Tree Frog and he has made some guest appearances during the A-Z Challenge.

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  5. Rachel M says:

    It looks more like a swimming pool than a pond. Very nice!

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  6. Autism Mom says:

    Lovely! I can see sitting out by the pond in the early mornings just breathing. 🙂

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  7. Looks great – glad you are not koi about it! 🙂

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  8. All I can I say, is thank you very much for the pictures…oh, and that’s a great pond. Did I mention the hose? No? Well, it took me back.

    It’s all looking very nice Mr Le Pard. I’m thinking now of having a pond built. Do you know anybody who would help? It would have to be at the height of summer so some tans could be had. I’ll throw a party and invite you, so you can bring the goods.

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