Nano Num-Nums no. 16

Olivia Coleman has a string of excellent parts behind her. A personal favourite is her role in Twenty Twelve which ran in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics and took the mick out of the Olympic Delivery Authority (called Olympic Deliverance) in the run up to the Games. Lord Seb Coe, the chair of LOCOG (the other Olympic company charged with running the Games) appeared several times. As I worked in the legal team at the ODA and then at LOCOG we reviewed each programme at our briefing sessions to see how prescient they were.  We loved it. And we wept at how accurate it was. Here’s a heap of horse shit from the Greenwich park protestors (who in real life took us to court many times and tried for many injunctions – nrrh, they failed!)  And a backward clock (which was awful because a week after this ran the actual clock was launched in Trafalgar Square and promptly broke.  Or the roman remains beneath the Olympic diving pool – ‘Can we make it a bit shallower’. The bizspeak is fab. And here’s the trailer.

For Downton Abbey Lovers you will spot Hugh Bonneville as Ian Fletcher the head of Olympic Deliverance rather than as the Earl of Granville.

And if the new Paddington Film isn’t already in your diaries for Christmas, Hugh B is in that and here’s the trailer. It’s going to brill, and I will do the Paddington Tour and blog here!

Next up I wanted to cheat a little; instead I’ve cheated a lot. I’ve taken the Hugh, in Hugh Bonneville and claimed Hugh Dennis, Maggie Smith from Downton and Matt Lucas from the Paddington cast. See you tomorrow

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5 Responses to Nano Num-Nums no. 16

  1. Hahaha! “Dogs must be carried” 😀 I’m such a geek. Phew…

    Weird seeing Mr. Bonneville getting knocked over by a surfing bear. Just saying.

    Love the Twenty Twelve!

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  2. Charli Mills says:

    Olypmic. “Oh, that’s just spelling…” Harkens back to my days of working with designers on marketing launches! I once worked with a videographer (emphasis on once) who produced a 4th of July promo for us and misspelled America! I never worked on anything so large or important as the Olympics (or anything necessitating solicitors on the team), but the dynamics (and horse shit) are similar. 🙂

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